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Together all participants in Project Dragonfly Issues in Evolution Advanced Seminar in Fall 2013 will contribute words, definitions and explanations to a collaborative wiki. We will use this to advance our understanding of biological evolution and, if we are successful, yours.

Sexual Selection

A process in Natural Selection whereby individual organisms gain a genetic (breeding) advantage by attracting mates. This can occur when males of a species attract more females through successful display behavior (vocalization, demonstrations, or appearance) or through dominance of other males.



1 [lek] Show IPA noun, verb, lekked, lek·king. Animal Behavior . noun

1. A place where males of certain bird or mammal species assemble during breeding season to engage in competitive and territorial displays in order to attract females.

Wikipedia photo of male Great-tailed Grackles on a lek. Photograph by Michael J. Plagens, 2007.

"Lekking" is the gathering of males at a lek site. Behavior associated with lekking often consists of ritualized signals to other males in attempts to display dominance or to females to display fitness for breeding.


Black Grouse Lek

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